Mindfulness and Meditation at Work (Melbourne)

Mindfulness and Meditation at Work (Melbourne)
210 mins

We live busy, distracted and highly connected lives. For many of us, it’s difficult to find time for calm and reflection outside of work, let alone during the working day.

How do we stay productive, creative, and calm in the face of never-ending ‘to do’ lists, flooding inboxes, the increasing demands of others and ‘knock off’ hours that run long into the night? While there are great advantages to being connected 24/7, it can cause stress and exhaustion to the detriment of our health and wellbeing.

This class is designed for people who are curious about mindfulness, meditation, and the benefits of bringing both into everyday working life. You will be introduced to meditation and mindfulness as formal and informal practices, and the ideas that underpin them. This class explores how pausing to connect with our present moment can cultivate the equanimity needed to get the best from a hectic working life. 

Image: Étienne Léopold, Total Eclipse of the Sun, The Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings, 1882.


18.00   Workshop Begins
20.00   Break
21.30   Workshop Ends


Having spent much of her professional life in the hectic and demanding world of making media, Megan’s interest in slowing down and hitting the pause button came after a work-related health issue, caused by sustained stress. Since 2009 she has studied and practiced Mindfulness Based Stillness Meditation, first learning at The Gawler Foundation, also undertaking MBSM Teacher Training in 2011 and 2016.

Relocating to Berlin in 2015, there Megan has taught and/or co-presented courses and workshops ‘Deep Storytelling’ (teaching empathy in storytelling); 8-week guided mediation program ‘Open Your Heart’; mindfulness and movement workshop ‘Express Yourself; and 7-week course ‘Meditation for Creativity’. In 2016 she presented workshop ‘Mindfulness and Meditation at Work’ for The School of Life, Melbourne.

Regularly attending mindfulness meditation retreats and study courses is part of her ongoing professional development, with Mindful Self-Compassion of particular interest. In April 2016 she will undertake MSC Teacher Training. Her website is themeganspencer.com.


General Admission: $90.00
Concession: $80.00
(+ $2 booking fee and 1.5% CC fee) 

Valid concession cards include a Health Care Card, Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card and current student cards. 

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The School of Life
669 Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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